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How to Setup a Linksys AC1200 WiFi Range Extender RE350?


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Millions of users who wish to access a lightning-fast internet connection in their places are drooling over the Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender RE350. This range extender belongs to the AC1200 family and hence is capable of delivering WiFi speeds up to 1200Mbps on wireless devices. Moreover, you can also perform Linksys access point setup for this RE350 range extender. Just in case you are looking for a guide summating the instructions to set this device up, then thankfully, you’ve landed on the correct post. Scroll down to know more.

[Prerequisites] Linksys RE350 Setup

Before you take the first step to perform the Linksys setup process for the AC1200 extender, consider walking through the prerequisites. Fulfilling them will ensure that you carry out the setup process without errors.

  1. A Well-Working Ethernet Cable

If you want your RE350 Linksys range extender to boost the WiFi signals of your existing networking device, you need to connect both devices. It can be done with the help of a cable. Therefore, get your hands on a well-working and non-damaged Ethernet cable.

  1. Host Router [All Set]

Having a host gateway is necessary in order to complete the extender’s installation procedure. However, it won’t help you complete the configuration of the extender if its installation is incomplete. Therefore, take care of the same.

  1. A Computer or Laptop

The third thing that will join you in the journey of setting up your Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender RE350 is a computer or laptop. This is because the aforementioned will be the device that will allow you to open a web browser and carry out the setup procedure.

So, these were the major requirements that need to be completed from your end. However, you need to keep your RE350 extender’s user guide by your side. It will help you know the extender’s default values. Additionally, consider looking for working wall sockets so that your devices receive a non-fluctuating power supply throughout the Linksys extender setup process. As soon as you get success in gathering these things and information, consider following the steps mentioned in the next section to make your device up and running.

Steps to Do Linksys RE350 Setup

  1. Connect Host Gateway and RE350

After plugging in your host gateway and the Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender RE350 to wall outlets, connect them to each other. The Ethernet cable you gained access to earlier will come to your aid. While creating the connection, ensure that it is nowhere near loose.

  1. Access the Extender Login Page

Now, it is time that you rope in the computer or laptop for the setup process. Thereafter, launch an internet browser that is not running on an outdated software version. Move the cursor to the URL field and input your Linksys extender’s default URL. FYI, it is After that, press the Enter key to reach the next stage of the setup process.

  1. Input the Admin Details

The next step is to make use of the default admin details of the extender. So, locate the fields asking for the extender’s username and password on the admin window and provide the necessary information. Following this, select Log in. You will see the dashboard of the range extender on your screen.

The appearance of the Linksys dashboard is a sign that your WiFi device is about to get configured. You only have to do what the screen suggests and you’ll be all set. So, follow the prompts appearing on the screen and let your RE650 range extender broadcast the extended network.

Summing Up

Performing Linksys AC1200 WiFi range extender setup is one of the finest ways to turn the fate of internet dead zones. We hope that the instructions provided above will help you install the extender easily. However, if you are not in the mood of accessing the http // URL for the extender’s installation procedure, you can look forward to setting it up via the mobile app.

The name of the app is “Linksys” and you can easily download it from the app store of your mobile device. Once done, launch it, agree to the terms and conditions, and follow the instructions shown on the screen. However, the mobile device used by you must be accessing the extender’s network.


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