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Mr. Peanut Gets Roasted So Bad In Planters’ Super Bowl Commercial, He Wishes They’d ‘Kill Me Off Again’


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Image Credit: Planters

Super Bowl Sunday will not only be the biggest night in football but will also be the Roast of Mr. Peanut. To promote their new line of dry-roasted peanut products, Planters hosted a comedy roast for their beloved mascot, recruiting some of the top comics in the game, namely Jeff Ross, Natasha Leggero, Atsuko Okatsuka, Yamaneika Saunders, Frank Castillo, David Lucas, and Sarah Tiana, and they didn’t hold back against Mr. Peanut in the ad, which will air during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12.

The 30-second ad spot kicks off with none other than the Roastmaster General Jeff Ross getting a quip about Mr. Peanut, but as is traditional in a roast, he did later admit something that he loved about the mascot. Remember, we only roast the ones we love. “I’ll make this quick, Mr. Peanut. I know you’ve got some brownies to ruin,” he said. “I’m a big fan. I love your work in Thai food.”

There was also a supercut of all the comedians addressing Mr. Peanut, and fans could get a preview of some of the jokes that are going to be made at his expense, like Natasha Leggero’s remark about his outfit. “Mr. Peanut, why are you dressed like it’s five recessions ago?” she asked.

Jeff Ross roasts Mr. Peanut in the new commercial. (Planters)

Mr. Peanut’s classic top hat and monocle outfit was a pretty good target for some of the comics. Frank Castillo had a similar remark about how he was missing legwear. “We can all agree. There’s rich, and then there’s haven’t worn pants in 100 years rich,” he joked.

Atsuko Okatsuka had her own, more unique question, for Mr. Peanut about his preference when it comes to snacking at parties. “Mr. Peanut, what do you eat at parties? People?” she asked.

Planters is promoting their new line of dry roasted peanuts. (Planters)

As is tradition in a roast, Mr. Peanut got to take the mic last at the end of the ad, and since some of the comics had intense roasts, he had his own joke, referencing the Planters 2020 ad campaign, where he died and was reborn. “Wow, that was brutal. I wish Planters had just killed me off again,” he said.

While there are plenty of great jokes at Mr. Peanut’s expense in the 30-second ad, there was clearly a lot that couldn’t fit into the commercial, and Planters announced that the full roast of Mr. Peanut would be available to view after the ad on Sunday, February 12 on their PlantersMadeToBeRoasted.com.

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