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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Breloom Build for Tera Raids


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Breloom is an excellent battling partner in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raids. With the right spread, Breloom can’t be beat.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet players can successfully take on Tera Raids with the Grass- and Fighting-type, Breloom. The Generation 3 monster is highly versatile, with access to a long list of moves and setups that will prove to be useful against a variety of Terastalized Pokémon. Whether trainers take on raids with friends or attempt solo missions, Breloom is capable of providing sufficient coverage and staying power, making it an excellent battling partner. With the most beneficial ability, nature, EV spread, and moveset, Breloom will easily best its opponents in Tera Raids.


As is common practice when taking on Five- through Seven-star Tera Raids, players will want to ensure their Pokémon have reached Level 100 with maximized training. Trainers can Hyper Train Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet to improve their IVs or Individual Values and raise their base stats.

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Breloom’s Best Tera Type and Ability for Tera Raids

Best Breloom Tera Type and Ability

While Breloom is competitively viable as a Grass- and Fighting-type monster, its Tera Type should ideally be Fighting to take on Tera Raids with minimal weaknesses. If necessary, players can change its Tera Type in Scarlet & Violet. In addition to being equipped with a Fighting Tera Type, Breloom will battle most effectively with the Poison Heal ability, which allows it to regain health rather than lose it when the Pokémon is poisoned. To efficiently use Poison Heal, Breloom can be equipped with the Toxic Orb item, which will poison its holder upon entering battle.

Breloom’s Best EV Spread for Tera Raids

Breloom's Best EV Spread

According to YouTuber DuckTape Gaming, Breloom’s attack IV should be maxed in addition to its HP, defense, special defense, and speed. However, it won’t be necessary to max its special attack stat since Breloom is a physical attacker and relies on physical moves. Breloom’s EVs, or Effort Values, should be spread similarly to its IVs. As a physical attacker, Breloom will battle best when its attack stat is maxed out with 252 points. Its HP should also be maxed with the remaining 252 points to take advantage of its Poison Heal ability and moveset. EVs can easily be raised using Power items purchased at various Delibird Presents locations in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. With a maximized spread, Breloom is guaranteed to hit hard and survive a Tera Raid.

Breloom’s Best Moveset for Tera Raids

Breloom's Best Moveset

Breloom has access to numerous movesets that would be effective in Tera Raids. An ideal set consists of Drain Punch, Leech Seed, Swords Dance, and either Force Palm or Mach Punch to play to its strengths the most efficiently. Swords Dance could also be switched with Bulk Up to set up by raising both its attack and defense stats after beginning with Leech Seed. Players can then follow up with physical moves. With this set, Breloom will be ready to take on the next 7-Star Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

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Source: YouTube/DuckTape Gaming

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