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Resetting Netgear Extender – What You Should Know


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Receiving wireless signals from the host router and amplifying them to transmit over the entire house is what a Netgear extender does. But, there comes a time, when the extender does not perform satisfactorily and you need to troubleshoot it. In that scenario, resetting Netgear extender is what experts suggest. The reason being, a factory reset is one of the ultimate hacks to get rid of issues like Netgear WiFi extender not working. So, if you are facing a lot of issues with your range extender, resetting it will be a good solution. Do not worry about the instructions as we’ve jotted them down for you.

Walk through this post and learn the steps to reset a Netgear range extender using two different approaches.

How to Reset Netgear Extender – Different Methods

FYI, the extender can be restored to the default factory mode either using the hard reset approach or via the soft reset approach. The soft reset method involves the assessment of the dashboard of the extender [Netgear Installation Assistant] whereas the hard reset method demands the user to push a button. What button is that? The upcoming section will reveal.

In addition, there’s a major difference between carrying out both the reset processes. Know that while resetting the extender via the Installation assistance, your WiFi devices need to be strongly connected and no connection is required if you are resetting your WiFi device via the hard reset approach. All you have to make sure is that your range extender receives a stable power supply.

Considering the differences between both methods, you can pick the one that you find easy to execute. The next section highlights the steps that need to be given a shot when it comes to resetting a Netgear extender.

Resetting Netgear Extender – Soft Reset Method

  1. First of all, make sure that you have connected your WiFi devices to working power sockets. The WiFi devices here are your Netgear range extender and the main router.
  1. Right after that, create a wired connection between them using a well-maintained Ethernet wire. The connection ought to be finger-tight.
  1. Go to a web browser on your PC and visit mywifiext.net or mywifiext.local depending upon its OS.
  1. You will soon be asked to enter the password and username of your wireless device. So, enter them accordingly whether default or customized.
  1. The moment you get logged in to your range extender, you will be taken to the Installation Assistant. There, locate Advanced and then the Reset option.
  1. Clicking the Reset option will erase all the customized settings from the extender. And of course, kick off the issue you were facing.

This is how you can reset your Netgear WiFi range extender using the soft reset method. However, if you are in a much bigger problem or let us assume you are even unable to access the dashboard of the range extender, the hard reset method will come in handy. The next section will reveal the instructions for the same.

Resetting Netgear Extender – Hard Reset Method

  1. First of all, disconnect your Netgear range extender and the main router. They should not be sharing any kind of connection.
  1. No device should be accessing the network of your wireless extender.
  1. Now, locate the Reset button on your extender.
  1. Generally, it is located at the back panel.
  1. Once found, push it carefully.

As soon as you release the button, you’ll find that the extender is now flaunting the default factory settings. It means the one with which it has arrived at the time of the purchase.

What to Do After Resetting Netgear Extender?

Once you complete the reset process of your wireless range extender, you are supposed to set it up again. Although the instructions mentioned in the user manual will suffice for the same, however, you are free to take the assistance of the instructions mentioned below. FYI, you need to access the Netgear Installation assistant to set up the WiFi device. The good news is that whether you want to access Netgear Installation assistant AC1200 or AC600, the steps will remain the same. Here’s how to access the same to set up the range extender:

  1. Connect the Netgear extender and router.
  1. Open a web browser on the computer and visit mywifiext.net or mywifiext.local.
  1. Input the default credentials of the range extender on the next window and click Log In.
  1. The Netgear Installation assistant or BASIC Home screen appears.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.


That’s all you need to know about resetting Netgear extender. It is expected that you will not only be able to reset your WiFi device using the aforementioned instructions but also get success in configuring it.


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