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Top 5 Ways to Resolve Netgear Router Orange Light Issue


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Experiencing the Netgear router orange light issue has become an issue for concern for several people out there. However, the good news is that troubleshooting this issue is possible via the hacks mentioned in this article. So, if the LED light on your Netgear router is flashing orange despite you achieving Netgear Nighthawk setup success, then walk through this post.

[Resolved] Netgear Router Orange Light Issue

Although one of the below-mentioned troubleshooting hacks will help you to troubleshoot the issue at hand, on the off chance, they do not, perform factory default reset. You can do so by pressing the Reset button located on your WiFi device. Do not forget to wait for some time.

  1. Reboot the Netgear Router

Rebooting or restarting the technical device is the most effective way to get rid of technical issues. Thus, if you have not restarted your Netgear wireless router yet, then do so now. In order to give a new start to your networking device, you ought to turn it off, wait for some time, and then, turn it on.

Now, check if rebooting your device helped you to fix the Netgear router orange light issue. In case, it did not, then go through the following troubleshooting hack. Just because one hack failed to help you out does not mean that the others won’t.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

A weak Ethernet connection is another factor that might have forced the LED on your Netgear wireless router to flash orange. So, check the Ethernet cable through which your devices are connected. Is it damaged? Yes? Well then, the solution to this issue is pretty simple. You just need a new Ethernet cable to connect the networking devices.

Although connecting the devices with a new cable will work for you, on the off chance, it does not; you ought to connect them using a wireless source of connection.

  1. Move the WiFi Devices Closer

If the distance separating your Netgear wireless router and the existing modem is too much, then also you can experience the Netgear router orange light issue. Therefore, it is advised that bring your networking devices just a little closer to each other. Did you notice how we are emphasizing the word little?

Well, it is to warn you that you should not place the networking devices too close. Otherwise, their WiFi signals will clash and you will get stuck with further technical issues.

  1. Perform Netgear Firmware Update

Upgrading the firmware of any WiFi device is important for its top-notch performance. But, if not updated timely, it can ruin the performance of the device as well. Keeping this in mind, it is recommended that you update the firmware of your Netgear wireless router without wasting any more time. You can do so using the Netgear router app

Would you like to refer to a source to avoid making mistakes while executing the Netgear router firmware update process? Well then, refer to the user manual.

  1. Eliminate Signal Interference

Did none of the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks help you to resolve the Netgear router orange light issue? Well, that might be because your router is surrounded by transmitting appliances, electronic devices, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces which are messing with the signals emitted by your router.

To take care of the problem, it is recommended that you change the location of your Netgear wireless router and keep it away from all of these things.

For your information, if you have also performed Netgear wireless extender setup and are facing the same issue with it, then the same troubleshooting hacks can be implemented. If you do not believe us, then check for yourself. Trust us, you will not regret it.

To Conclude

If you keep your eyes open while walking through the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this post, nothing will be able to stop you from turning the orange light on your Netgear wireless router to green. If apart from the ones mentioned above, you are aware of any other hack through which the same issue can be resolved, consider sharing it with your fellow readers. You can do as required by making use of the comment section. We are being hopeful that they will appreciate this effort.


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