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Troubleshooting Hacks to Fix Rockspace Extender Setup Issues


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In order to gain access to a blazing-fast and seamless internet connection, many users perform Rockspace extender setup in their homes. But, recently, we have started receiving complaints regarding the fact that users are facing issues while trying to set up the Rockspace extender. Certain issues include, Rockspace WiFi extender keeps disconnecting, Rockspace extender not connecting to internet, and so on. If you are facing either these or any other issues while trying to do Rockspace extender setup, then it is recommended that you walk through the hacks outlined in this post. Surely one of them will be able to assist you well.

[Fixed] Rockspace Extender Setup Issues

  1. Power Cycle the Extender

Power cycling or restarting the Rockspace wireless range extender is the very first thing that we recommend to users whenever they get stuck with technical issues. We would like to suggest the same thing to you. If you are thinking about how to restart your networking device, then know that the process is not rocket science. All you have got to do is, turn off your Rockspace range extender, wait for some time, and then, turn on your extender.

  1. Check the Power Socket

After following the aforementioned troubleshooting hack, if you are still not able to resolve the Rockspace extender setup issues, then it might be because your wireless range extender is not getting an adequate power supply from the wall socket that it is plugged into right now. Thus, it is suggested that you check the wall socket, and if you find any damage, consider getting it repaired without wasting any more time.

In case this does not work for you, then it is recommended that you plug your Rockspace range extender into another wall socket. Make sure that the wall socket is located somewhere near the host router. When you will do as necessary, you will see the results yourself.

  1. Move the Devices Closer

Another way through which you can get rid of issues during the Rockspace extender setup process is by reducing the distance between the wireless range extender and the host device, i.e. the router in your home. Doing so will ensure that the signals that your networking devices are emitting are getting transmitted properly and communication between them is happening smoothly. But, at the time, avoid placing too close to each other. Once done, check again if you are able to set up your device properly or not.

  1. Enter the Correct Web Address

Check the web address that you have entered in the address bar or URL field of your internet browser. Is it incorrect as in is it not matching the original web address of your Rockspace range extender? Well, it looks like you have found another reason why you are experiencing the Rockspace extender setup issues. To troubleshoot them, it is recommended that you enter the correct web address.

Looking for a source from where you can learn how to connect http://re.rockspace.local? Well then, you ought to refer to the manual which you got along with your networking device. Trust us, you will find every detail regarding your device there.

  1. Use the Login Credentials

Last, but not least, if you are using the wrong login credentials to access the Rockspace extender setup wizard, then also you can come across the Rockspace extender setup issues. Taking this into consideration, it suggested that you make use of the correct password and username. Avoid entering the username under the Password and vice-versa. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you will continue to face setup issues.

Also, make sure that there no typing errors in the credentials, and that the Caps Lock key on your keyboard turned off. We are saying this because the credentials of your Rockspace wireless range extender are case-sensitive.

Sum Up

Here ends our guide written on how you can troubleshoot the Rockspace extender setup issues. Hopefully, you were able to resolve them with the help of the troubleshooting hacks discussed in this article. If you familiar with any other hack through which you can help your fellow readers out with the same issues, then it advised that you comment in the section below.

Also, what do you think of this article? Did you like reading it? Was it worth your time? Whether it is a yes or no, do not hold yourself back from sharing your answer with us and your fellow readers. Again, you can do so by making use of the comment section.


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